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    Welcome to Lapelpinplanet.com

    Handcrafted. Thatís a word you often hear. Itís overused. But the thing is, our lapel pins are handcrafted. Jim (the artist, co-owner, father and grandfather at LapelPinPlanet) designs each and every pin. With Lynn (Jimís wife), Nico and Nyssa (their daughters), as well as help from our grandchildren (Juliette, Harrison, Burton, and Broden), you could actually say the lapel pins you buy from us are family-crafted.

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    2015 Valentine Collection

    So...giving a lapel pin for a Valentine's Day Gift to your sweetheart will probably result in a breakup...

    But, giving a lapel pin on one of our great cards to kids, neighbors, or co-workers could make you look witty and thoughtful...

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    The most unique collection of pins anywhere.
    Quality...Made in the USA.

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