The fight against human trafficking is being fought throughout the world. This crime destroys families and keeps them from feeling whole again. It’s a terrible crime and it impacts countries throughout the world. Even more despicable is the fact that it’s rarely discussed in the media as one of the top issues facing our world.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has put a determined campaign together to raise awareness of this atrocious crime and also raise funding for the victims. “The Blue Heart Campaign” raises money that goes to the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund that is distributed for assistance and protection for the victims.

A quarter of people taken for trafficking are children and three quarters of them are women and young girls. It’s believed that there are as many as 30 million slaves throughout the world and nearly a million are trafficked through international borders. Children and women make up the majority of the victims and human trafficking trails only illegal drugs and arms trafficking as the top crime industries in the world.

The Blue Heart is a symbol against this crime. It represents the international sadness for the victims of human trafficking. Those who are interested in supporting the fight against this crime can buy the blue heart pin. Proceeds from the sale support assistance to the victims.

For Lapel Pin Planet, this project is something we are very proud to be a part of. Our hope is that these pins can become a symbol that is recognized throughout the world and worn by people who wish to take part in the fight against this horrible crime. We also hope that the information in this blog will inspire our followers to take action and support this effort to rid our world of such a horrible crime that devastates the lives of so many people.