Lapel Pins: There’s so much in a small package.

That tiny piece of pewter in your hand from LapelPinPlanet tells a story. Our story. We’re the Clift family and we design, create, and send you lapel pins from our studio in Coventry, Rhode Island. Actually, we each have a special role:

Jim – Founder, Head Designer
I am an outdoorsman, into hiking, peak-bagging (Lynn and I have climbed 44 of NH’s 48 4,000 footers) backpacking and dual sport motorcycling. I like to be outside. I also follow a design aesthetic that values natural materials used in an honest and simple fashion.

Lynn – Co-Founder, Chief People Person
I enjoy the people I meet, over the phone or on the web. I like finding solutions for the things they are trying to accomplish, and I love hearing the creative things people do with our products. Jim and I have been partners for many years and we enjoy exploring new places and new experiences together. Sometimes it’s challenging but it’s never boring.  I also like working in my garden …but most of all I enjoy working together with my daughters and spending time with my grandchildren every day.

Nico – Wearer of Many Hats, Head of Ops
I wear a lot of hats here at the studio from Customer Relations, to Administration to Tech Support (however unqualified!), including all things website and graphics. My MBA from URI (’03) helps me on the business side but my hat-changing skills are honed by being a mom to Juliette (5) and Harrison (2). Since having them my hobbies like photography, reading, and BBQs are sorely neglected. Now, I just countdown to children’s bedtimes and finding a quiet spot to sit down.

Nyssa – Head of Order Fulfillment, Customer Happiness
I touch every piece that leaves our studio as I’m in charge of Order Fulfillment. My Management Degree (URI ’07) definitely gets put to use in ensuring our customers are happy. And, when I’m working on setting an order and getting it boxed up, my 10+years of dance teaching comes in handy – because it is like a dance to get it done right! When I’m not at the studio you may find me hiking, out in the yard, playing with one of my pets, or most likely, cuddling up with Burton, my two-year old son.

Juliette – Big Helper, Leader of the Boys
When I’m not at Kindergarten, you can find me in the studio. I help pull orders, stack boxes up for the post carrier. I especially like to package the compasses.  Sometimes I take a break from work to entertain (direct) the boys.

Burton & Harrison – Entertainment Makers
We love hanging out in the playroom or running around pulling products off the shelves.  Sometimes we’re quiet. Until the phone rings. Then we like to greet customers with a wail or yelp or a good ol’ fashion one-year-old scream. When we’re not doing that, we’re driving our cozy coupe firetrucks around the studio.

Bernie – Production and Honorary Clift Family Member
I handle Production, which is directly under Jim’s direction. I’ve known the Clift family since high school and have been working with them for over 10 years. When I’m not at the studio, you’ll find me playing soccer or watching a game (sports fanatic!). I also like camping and traveling – some of my favorites include Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Mexico.  

“He’s become an excellent craftsman and he’s a key member of the team. Bernie is family - so much so, that Juliette often wants to know where he is on Thanksgiving....” - Jim

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