Like all zoos, the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona thrives because of the loyalty of wonderful people who volunteer their time and money to help these animals live a healthy and fulfilling life. These volunteer and internship opportunities also give these wonderful people an opportunity to connect with animals they otherwise would never have a chance to be around.

The college intern program is one of the more popular options. It provides young students the unique opportunity of working with and learning directly from experienced animal care professionals. This training is unique and gives these students an opportunity to get real hands-on experience from some of the top animal care experts in the field.

The zoo also needs people to volunteer for events, whether it’s prep work, helping people find different areas of the park or anything else. Marketing experts, event coordinators, photographers and more are always encouraged to volunteer as well.

Reid Park Zoo requested different styles of animal pins from Lapel Pin Planet to provide recognition to their volunteers. The park has events coming up and anyone interested in volunteering is welcomed to contact the zoo directly for more information. We also offer a wide variety of animal pins that you can purchase online to show your support for wildlife and nature.