We recently received an order for a collection of our anchor pins. This order was placed by the superintendent for the teachers and staff of the Anchor Bay School District. The anchor was an obvious choice and each one was placed on a printed card with a thank you note from the superintendent and given to the staff of the school district.

Throughout the year, these wonderful people have worked with children of all ages to assist in not only enhancing their education, but also focus on going the extra mile. Reading programs, sports, extra-curricular activities and more have been started and maintained by people who volunteer their time and energy to these wonderful programs, all with the same motivation of creating a safe, fun and reliable environment for children to grow and learn.

The goal of the Anchor Bay School District is to continuously provide children with resources they need to grow and engage in activities that enhance their education from preschool to high school. The district includes multiple schools including a high school, an alternative educational program, two early childhood centers, seven elementary schools and two middle schools.

Anyone who has been around teachers or been a teacher themselves, knows the dedication it requires. It is more than a fulltime job and you grow to learn that the children’s needs come before your own. We are proud to provide these pins to these wonderful people and wish the recipients and educators everywhere the very best.