Suspect Sepsis Enamel Pin
Suspect Sepsis Enamel Pin

Suspect Sepsis Enamel Pin

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1" x 9/16", 26mm x 14mm
Part Number: EP112
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Suspect Sepsis Pin- Pins for Medical Professionals, Doctors, Physicians, and Nurses- Promote the Education of Warning Signs for Sepsis Shock with this Enamel Lapel Pin

Each year at least 1.7 million adults develop sepsis, resulting in 270,000 deaths.  Increase awareness and tracking of sepsis with our suspect sepsis enamel lapel pin.  Our Enamel Lapel Pins are of exceptional quality!  Made from solid copper which is dyed black and carefully inlaid by hand with colorful resin enamel, these pins are then finished with a clear epoxy overlay to protect the pin.  They come packaged on our signature presentation cards, making them ready for gift giving!  Choose a custom card to include your hospital logo, a special message, or information about your event or convention.  

  • 1" x 9/16", 26mm x 14mm
  • Solid Copper with Hand Inlaid Resin Enamel and an Epoxy Overlay
  • Designed in Coventry, RI

What are the symptoms of sepsis?

Common symptoms of sepsis are: fever, chills, rapid breathing and heart rate, rash, confusion, and disorientation. Many of these symptoms are also common in other conditions, making sepsis difficult to diagnose, especially in its early stages.

While any type of infection — bacterial, viral or fungal — can lead to sepsis, the most likely varieties include:

  • Pneumonia
  • Infection of the digestive system (which includes organs such as the stomach and colon)
  • Infection of the kidney, bladder and other parts of the urinary system
  • Bloodstream infection (bacteremia)

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