3 Dimensional Hand Sculpted Pewter Pin

This is our signature pin style. Your design is hand sculpted in full relief, with amazing detail and texture. Each piece
is hand cast and finished in our own studio. Because of the time and talent required to create a pin like this, a fully sculpted design is best suited to orders of 500 or more pins. Let us make you an heirloom today!

2 Dimensional Hand Sculpted Pewter Pin

Slightly less complex in design, this type of pin will either be hand made or computer engraved to create a bold, graphic design. Each pin is then hand cast and carefully finished in our own studio. Recommended for orders of 300 or more pins.

Die Struck Solid Brass Pin

Handsomely finished, these pins are made by forming a Brass sheet with a steel die. Die Struck pins can be hand polished to a stunning finish, with an antique or textured background. These pins are less expensive than our Pewter designs, and are economical to produce in smaller quantities.

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