Enamel Inlay

Our premier pins incorporating color in the design, these Enamel pins are handcrafted in solid brass. Each pin is inlaid with colorful, Pantone-specific enamels, and then kiln fired to cure and harden. The surface is then ground smooth and hand polished to a lustrous finish. These enamel pins are assembled in our own Rhode Island studio with a combination of foreign and domestic components. Each pin arrives packaged on our standard - or your own custom - presentation card.

Soft Enamel

This is the most commonly encountered type of custom pin, and is not hand-finished to the degree of an Inlay pin. Each Soft Enamel pin is formed in steel alloy, with raised metal lines dividing the individual colors... each of which is still applied by hand. This is a great choice for a cost-conscious pin that doesn't look it, and a variety of options are available. These pins are delivered to you individually polybagged.

Full Color Printed

If your design includes a photograph or a color gradient, this is the way to achieve it. Your full color printed pin begins with a stainless steel cut-out custom made to your unique shape. The design is then offset printed onto the metal surface, and finally, it's covered with a clear epoxy dome for protection. We're able to reproduce complex artwork with this technique. Each pin comes individually polybagged.

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