Vintage Nurse Hat Lapel Pin

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3/4" x 7/16", 19mm x 11mm
Part Number: CC578
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Hand cast in solid, lead-free Fine Pewter, each piece is an original three dimensional sculpture signed by the artist, Jim Clift. Thousands of collectors, in a dozen countries around the world, have discovered the unique designs, the careful craftsmanship, and the amazing attention to detail that characterizes Jim's work. Each of our hand cast pewter pins is handcrafted in our studio in Coventry, Rhode Island. Individually packaged on our signature presentation cards, our pins arrive ready for gift giving! 

  • 3/4" x 7/16", 19mm x 11mm  
  • Handcast from solid, lead-free pewter
  • Made in the US

Hat Lapel Pin

hat lapel pin can be a lot of things. It can be a great gift for someone, a display of a passion or interest you have, a small trophy showcasing a great accomplishment in your life, a friendly reminder of something or several other things. One of the reasons these options are in such high demand is because they are displayed proudly and often showcased by the owners. Whether you are collecting pins for your favorite theme park, sports team, movie or places you’ve traveled, these options tell a unique story that you can display with pride or give to someone else as a sentimental gift.

Teddy Bear Pins: Gifts like teddy bear pins are a great reminder to the recipient of the bond you have and a constant reminder of how much you mean to them. Everyone has different passions and interests and it’s up to you to find sentimental things that mean more to them. That’s where we can help as our selection is durable and will last for years, even generations if properly maintained and cared for. A hat lapel pin is a great idea for a gift, especially for that person who has a special interest in something, loves to travel or has completed a great accomplishment.

Lapel Pins: Lapel Pin Planet offers one of the largest selections of handcrafted lapel pins that you can find online. Each option is designed and crafted by hand by a member of our family and thoroughly inspected to ensure that the quality meets our standards, as well as those of our customers. If you are trying to find a unique gift idea for someone special in your life or want to display a passion or accomplishment in your life, then this is a great way to do it. Contact us for more options that you can showcase on your hat or if you need further assistance. 

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