That’s a word you often hear. It’s overused. But the thing is, our lapel pins are handcrafted. Jim (the artist, co-owner, father and grandfather at LapelPinPlanet) designs each and every pin. With Lynn (Jim’s wife), Nico and Nyssa (their daughters), as well as help from our grandchildren (Juliette, Harrison, and Burton), you could actually say the lapel pins you buy from us are family-crafted.

Really! We’re a family and we’re in business together.
Our goal is simple: to bring you high quality lapel pins at a competitive price.

But we want to do it our way. The Jim Clift way. So that means we get into the details. Each and every piece we create is carefully inspected, environmentally safe, and responsibly sourced.

Uniquely Clift
The Clift Family comes from a long line of artists and metalsmiths. Our craft and artistic skill have been passed down and honed through 4 generations. Jim began his artistic career designing jewelry 38 years ago--until he was laid off. With a 3 month-old baby and a few hundred dollars a month from unemployment, Jim and Lynn knew they needed to do something.

We crafted our future.

The result? Lapel pins designed and created by a reliable and hardworking family for each and every customer we serve. (And yes, we really do like working together!)

Environmentally safe & Ethically sourced
The Jim Clift way means thinking about our environment. That means taking care of how we create and make lapel pins.

We can produce beautiful pewter pieces while taking care of our environment. We don’t waste! The use of a clean alloy and a clean production process is a given… after all, we’re exposing our family to it. We also use 100% sustainable energy in our studio and recycle all of our scrap pewter.

Not only that, but LapelPinPlanet supports entrepreneurs large and small, locally and worldwide. We are business owners so we do our best to source from like-minded businesses and ethical producers. Often, they can be local. This helps to keep prices low on clean quality lapel pins for you, our customers. Whether buying for your corporate rewards program or to celebrate a special occasion, you’ll get our high quality, safe, and unique pieces whenever and wherever you might need them.

Let’s get this lapel pin straight.
You can hand-design lapel pins in an environmentally safe way but still keep your costs low?

Yes, we can. Not only that, but we have a large in-stock inventory so our customers can get as much as they need as quickly as they need it.

Family-crafted. Environmentally safe. Responsibly sourced. That’s us and that’s what we do. For you.

Welcome to our online studio. We can’t wait to help you.
Jim Clift & Family

Meet Our Staff

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