Custom Pins

If you will be purchasing 300 or more pins, you can commission a custom sculpture of your product, logo, or other image. The detail and solid feel of these 3 dimensional miniatures create a truly memorable presentation. To get started, email a picture or drawing of the item you'd like to make to  for a quote on the set-up cost. If you prefer, fax your picture to (401)823-9710.

Include any other information (lettering you'd like to include, etc.) that we might need, and indicate the quantity of pins you would like to order. We'll contact you if there's any question. Once we've figured out the cost, we'll let you know by email, or by phone if you'd prefer. That amount will be your deposit, and is paid when you place your order.

The cost for the original sculpture and molds needed to produce your piece will vary depending upon the pin complexity of the design, but this cost normally ranges between $200 and $300. Pin prices are the same as for our stock lapel pins. After the initial minimum order of 300 or more, there is no minimum reorder for your pin.